Imitation, The Greatest Form of Flattery: Kojima’s Greatest Influences [7/28/2014]

The jingle heard before the PMC announcement in Act 1 of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is actually taken from public service announcements made in the cities and trains of Japan. The jingle is played to grab your attention so that you don’t miss information regarding the day or stops made on the train. Announcements made throughout the cities occur at the same times daily. One article I read on the Internet referred to this as the “5PM Bell.”


So we’ve kind of been neglecting our Tumblr page over the past two or three weeks.  Sorry.  Kojima just got a little old, real fast.  I blame the MGO server shutdown as the root.

I’ll be heading to Japan for the next two weeks and have decided to set up a queue of postings to satisfy your cravings for all things Kojima.  I hope to find some cool things out in Japan that’ll be worth posting.  I hope to find the “holy grail”, Metal Gear Arcade.


See you real soon.